Most incredible solar innovation projects

As usage of fossil fuel is main cause of greenhouse gas effect and global warming there are more and more alternative energy sources used. One of the most popular alternative energy source is solar energy. Solar energy is widely known for rooftop photovoltaic solar stations which consists of solar panels and other components, but nowadays this technology has gone a lot further. It’s not only about some few rooftop panels. Solar energy is being used in most incredible ways, thanks to solar innovations. Here are some of the most amazing solar innovation projects.

1. Cochin International Airport

Cochin International Airport is located in India. It is run fully by solar power. Next to the airport there is solar park located which generates this solar power. Actually, it not only supplies the airport with energy, but also gives back energy to the electrical grid so it can be uses somewhere else as well. This project took many years until it was done and finally it is paying off. As energy is very important for the airport, there was a need to make sure energy will be created constantly and also stored if it necessary, so it is not quite a simple solar energy farm it is a further technology that requires special treatment and maintenance.

2. Solar Bus

Solar bus is a vehicle that is fully powered with solar energy. For now, these buses are being used only in Australia, Adelaide. The bus can travel more than 200 km without charging and there is a place for 40 passengers in this bus. There are small, but powerful new age photovoltaic solar cells used. It is similar technology that is being used in smaller gadgets such as solar phone chargers. Despite the sizes of photovoltaic solar cells, they can provide necessary amount of energy. Also, the energy can be stored into a battery when its necessary, so solar bus can travel regardless of weather.

3. Solar Bike Trail

Solar bike trail is located in Netherlands. Actually, it is not recent project. It was started already in 2012 and in 2014 there was a first solar trail installed. It was a great success. Now also many other countries want to adapt this technology and create something similar. France, for example, wants to go even further and create solar powered roads all over the country. So, these solar roads or trails are basically solar parks, only it is possible to move onto them. The solar panels used in these projects are extremely durable and can create huge amounts of energy. It is a proof that solar parks do not necessarily be waste of land.

4. Longyangxia Dam Solar Park

Longyangxia Dam Solar Park is located in China, Qinghai province. It is the biggest solar park in the whole world. It is 27 square kilometers big and it outputs almost 850 MW of power. With this amount of energy around 200 000 homes are powered. Although this solar park consists of the same photovoltaic solar stations that are being used for the home rooftops, this project proves that it is possible to create a solar station that powers not only one house or a house complex, but a whole village or small town. If there would be such parks all over the world we could decrease our dependency of fossil fuels within few years and also the pollution and global warming wouldn’t threaten us so much.

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Ways how technology is changing the way we live

Only few years ago nobody could ever imagine that all the people will have smart phones with so many incredible functions and other smart technology devices that now we all consider as self evident lån penge. Many of us don’t even notice that new technologies keep coming into our lives each day and they are drastically changing the way we live. Here are some examples, how newest technology is changing lives of human.

First of all newest technologies give many remote communication opportunities. Mostly that is possible thanks to development of internet and devices which have access to the internet. Nowadays already it is possible to reach each other any time and any place through internet. It is possible not only talk to each other but also sees each other and sends files. On one hand that is great, because people can stay connected even if they are far away from each other, but on the other hand this leads to satiation when people are not willing to meet each other n real life anymore, because they can be in each other lives remotely.

Such technologies as 3D printing, robotics and artificial intelligence are changing the way people work. Many jobs have been replaced with technological machines already. For example, many details and things can be easily printed out, instead of creating them manually, many intelligent jobs can be fully or partly replaced with artificial intelligence software and robots can do the physical works that people used to do. This also influences the lives of people differently. On one hand it is good that people can work less and machines can take up these works, but this might lead to huge unemployment, because all the jobs might be done by machines. People as a labor won’t be needed anymore.

Technology also is changing the whole healthcare system dramatically, which influences the length of people’s lives. Now, thanks to many different technologies in patient registration, diagnostics and treatment now allows to fight against many diseases a lot easier, more effective and a lot less painful. Healthcare becomes a lot more available and people can live lot more qualitative lives.

Also education is influenced by many kinds of newest technologies. It is lot easier to study if students are able to have a wide range of visual information. It is not books and dry boring texts anymore forbrugslån. Students can see how different processes happen thanks to virtual reality and study different topics interactively thanks to development of computers and software. Students can focus more on the most important things, because everything else can be done using technology.

These are only few examples from many that show the huge impact that technology has created. Almost any field nowadays is influenced and changed, because of technologies. People’s lives will never be the same as they were. Each day brings some new innovations and influences the lives of people. Everything is changing very fast and in the future technology will become even more significant.

Future technologies for cars

Technologies are developing very fast these days, so it is no wonder that future might be very different. When it comes to cars, there is plenty of space for new ideas and technological innovations. In many auto shows we are already able to see prototypes of cars with incredible technologies that might become mainstream thing in the future sms lån på dagen. Here are some examples of features that every car might have in the nearest future.

Fully autonomous vehicles

This is the thing every car fan is talking about and all the world is waiting for. Actually there have already been created autonomous vehicles by Tesla, Google and Mercedes-Benz, but they are not fully autonomous in some cases yet. These cars will be soon available for commercial causes. Scientists’ claims that only after 5 years cars will be able to drive anywhere and any time, without human involvement.

Driver override system

This also is something similar to autonomous technology, but the difference is that the car can disregard driver’s commands and make its own decisions. It is like the more advanced version of autopilot – there is sensor technology used so the car ca save the driver is dangerous situations. For example, car can break or keep constant speed all the time even if the driver is willing to speed up. This technology could help to avoid many car accidents.

Vehicle tracking

This is one of the newest technologies drivers are not too excited about, because it puts on many distractions. Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking means that insurance companies and other institutions will be able to track any car and record all its actions. Some institutions are already talking cars about fees and other things, but in the future every car might be tracked. At first it might be volunteer choice, but by the time of 2020 it might be an obligation.

Remote vehicle shutdown

Remote Vehicle Shutdown gives a chance to shut down stolen cars. This technology already exists and is being used for some of the cars, but it will become more advanced and more popular soon. In the future it might be useless to steal cars at all, because this system would make it impossible to use stolen cars, beside it would also be possible to track the cars as well.

Reconfigurable body type

Very soon it might be possible to have 2 in 1 cars thanks to reconfigurable body type. For example, a car with lightweight body panels and advanced motors could retract the roof and side glass into the lower body panels. Car buyers could have a lot easier choice if they could have one car with two different looks and body types. For now this technology is still in development phase and there are only some prototypes created but by the next few decades it might become mainstream option.

Cars in the nearest future really might become lot more advanced. Some of the technologies now might seem like a science fiction, but with the rapid growth of technology innovations, there is no wonder we all will experience this within next few decades.

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All about augmented reality

One of the most popular new technology tools that we are all waiting for to be released is augmented reality glasses. There credit rapid have been many promises heard from the manufacturers that these gadgets will be very multi functional and useful in many fields. To understand better what opportunities they will provide let’s take a closer look at this new technology.

Augmented reality gives a chance to add superimpose information to the real world. Basically it means that the reality is augmented with computer-generated sensory input such as sounds, images, videos etc. For example, you can see some objects through the screen of mobile device in your room that are not actually there.

Augmented reality for know is considered as something very new, innovative and even futuristic, but actually the technology itself is not new at all. For example, heads-up displays have been around for a long time. Of course, all the previous augmented reality gadgets and tools were much simpler, so people doesn’t really link them with augmented reality, beside this technology credit fara adeverinta has been gaining popularity only since 2013, when Google announced they will create augmented reality glasses which will provide huge range of innovative functions.

Augmented reality glasses displays on the lens screen through small projector so it is able to augment reality with other visual information. Also this device responds to voice messages, so they can be controlled bay talking. So it is like having a computer inside of your head. You can see and use virtual information and reality at the same time. Google already released first type of augmented reality glasses in 2015, but they will create new, better version.

But phones and tablets can be used as augmented reality tools as well. Already there have been created many apps that allows to add some kind of virtual visual information to reality, through the camera of the device. It works by turning on the app and pointing the camera at specific place where is some information provided. One of the well known examples is the Pokemon Go game. You can see reality through the camera, but there are images of Pokemons added.

This technology is developed and widely used already in many different fields, but later it might become even more useful. Augmented reality might be used in medicine, architecture, tourism and many other industries. Adding virtual information to the reality can be used in many different ways and within the development of augmented reality gadgets it might become a mainstream thing.

However, there are also some ethical issues which makes mainstream usage almost impossible. For example, some people concerns that augmented reality glasses is violation of the privacy rights. As it is possible to take pictures and record voices with these glasses, it might cause some problems. Also there are face recognition apps available, so this technology really might break some of the rules.

Augmented reality is nothing futuristic and far anymore. This technology is widely used already and it is gaining popularity very fast. Despite the concerns about ethics, augmented reality really is useful technology that might be used in real sciences in the future and will make people lives easier and more enjoyable.

New technologies for seniors

Although new technologies mostly are used by younger people, there are some great tools in the market, which are perfect for use of elderly people. They can help in all kind of everyday tasks and make them easier, safer and also makes it possible to keep in touch with others. Every senior who doesn’t feel so sure about his abilities or pretty much anyone else could use a help from these new technologies.

Self-driving cars could be useful for older people who are not feeling safe about their driving skills and health anymore. As we know the reaction time and also memory gets slower and weaker within time, but those are skills that are needed for each and every driver. Although actual self-driving cars are still in the testing period and haven’t been actually released yet, there are very advanced self-driving technologies used in today’s cars as well. They don’t make it possible to drive all the way without doing anything at all, but they won’t let the driver crash into another car, will help to park and do other more complicated tasks.

Nurse robots also can be very helpful. Unfortunately, also these robots are still in the testing stage, but soon they will be released in Greece, England, and Poland. These robots won’t be able to actually cure the patient, but it will have enough artificial intelligence to remained the senior about his health care program and also send some news about the health status to the family and health care providers. This gadget might ensure a lot longer life to many seniors.

Smart home systems and all the other gadgets can also be useful to seniors. Although they are useful for everyone, seniors are the most endangered group of people who could use some help. Everything, starting from smart smoke detectors, until smart keys and various alarms. Seniors could be able to control the house in an emergency situation via smartphone. He would be able to see if there are unauthorized persons at the house or other threats and call relevant departments.

Also, computers could make the life of seniors a lot easier and cheerful, but most of the seniors refuse to use them because they think computers are too complicated. It is true. Computers really provide many functions that are not always needed and only makes it complicated for usage of seniors. Thankfully, there is a special computer for seniors made. It is called Telikin. It is a touchscreen tablet that allows video calls, file sharing options, sending e-mails and other simple functions. It is easy to set it up and use.

And the last innovation for seniors is fitness trackers. Although they are mostly designed for younger people and they are also actual users of them, seniors are those who really need reminder ad motivator for physical activities. It is important to stay active after retirement, because usually then seniors choose to stay at home all the time. Fitness trackers could really help to make some difference and improve seniors’ health.

There are many technologies seniors could find very helpful. They are not that complicated, but could actually improve the quality of their life. These new technologies give seniors a chance to live more independent, healthier and even longer life.

Does self driving cars already exist?

The idea of self driving cars in nothing new. Everybody is talking about it for a very long time, but only recently this idea became reality. Car manufacturing company Tesla announced that all the new Model S and model X (that you can get with pikalaina) cars will have a hardware that allows to drive without any human input. The very first cars will not provide full safety while using self driving mode, so there will still be a need for an actual driver, but soon this technology will be developed enough to make cars fully autonomous. Let’s take a closer look at this technology.

The self driving system includes a lot of components. All the cars will be equipped with eight cameras. All cameras will have full circle, 360 degree vision up to 250 meters. Then also each car will have 12 ultrasonic sensors. They are the most important details of the whole system, because they detect for all kind of objects and not let the car crush into them. They are similar to the sensors that are being used in autopilot, but these ones are better and more advanced. They can detect all kind of objects in twice longer distance. Self driving cars will also have the same components that have cars with autopilot for example, forward-facing radar. So basically this technology works very similar to autopilot, only it is lot more advanced.

To make all of that work, there is a need for very powerful computer as well “pikavippi ilman luottotietoja”. Tesla has announced that they will use a computer that is almost 40 times more powerful than any previous generation computer. This computer will have very high technical features, but that makes them very expensive. All together the self driving system on one car will cost more than 7 500 euros. That means the first self driving cars will be very expensive.

But this is not the limit for Tesla. Although they are ready to release first self driving cars, they wont stop and will improve this technology, so the next self driving cars would be totally safe. They will test these cars in real life driving to understand what are their biggest issues and how to provide them. The first cars will include the basic safety features such as automatic emergency breaking, lane holding, collision warning etc., but the next cars will have some totally new features which will provide an opportunity to make fully self driving cars.

The technology is not perfect and completed yet. There are some safety issues and lot of things that should be improved, but it is a proof of possibility to make fully autonomous cars. These cars already are able do most of the driving, they may not work only in few non-standard situations. So basically the first generation of self driving cars already exist, but the best is yet to come.

New technologies in medicine

There are many new technologies used in today’s healthcare. They make medicine cheaper, faster, and more efficient. Thanks to many of technologies which have been recently integrated in medicine it is possible now to cure many life threatening diseases and provide better life for patients with chronic diseases. Here are some emerging technologies to watch in the year ahead.

3D bio printing of course is the best known technologies used in medicine. Probably anyone has already heard something about the option to print out any human organ. For now actual organ printing is sill sort of science fiction. There have been only liver tissues printed and a small kidney which functioned for few days, however printing out simple body parts is already possible. There have already been some bones and blood vessels printed out and used as transplants. 3D printing already is saving lives, but in the nearest future it will probably change the whole medicine system.

MelaFind optical scanner is probably less known medical technology, but it is as important. It helps to find out if patient has melanoma or other types of skin cancer. It gives a chance to analyze tissue morphology without biopsy. It works by scanning surface of a suspicious lesion at 10 electromagnetic wavelengths. Also it uses algorithms and match results with registry of digital images of melanoma and skin disease. It is very easy and fast way how to check the health of the skin. It has already saved many people by diagnosing dangerous skin diseases on early stages.

Telemedicine has reached new level by using medical robots. If few years ago telemedicene with video calls was used only in some emergencies, than now there are special robots made which are located into different rooms. So doctors can easily check their patinas from a distance and even perform some simple procedures such as measure blood pressure. This make health care lot more accessible and many professional doctors can discuss the best treating methods even if they are not at the hospital with the patient.

And the overall top innovation, augmented reality, also will be used in medicine. Software called Visual Info Zonal Reminder, which can be used in Google glasses is already being used in medicine. With this technology surgeons have both hands free to check for instructions or checklists in emergency situations. Also it is possible find some advises and information about treatment. Maybe in the future this technology will provide access to the patients medicine history, so the doctor could diagnose as soon as possible. Actually options how to use this technology are almost infinite. Augmented reality which is widely known for entertainment may save lives in the future.

Technological innovations in the healthcare industry are more important than in any other field. They can actually save lives by making healthcare accessible in any situation. Even right now it is possible to cure almost any disease with help of newest technology innovations, but in the nearest future treatment of deadly diseases might become a mainstream task.

New ways to use drones

Drones themselves cannot be considered as very new technology anymore. They are being around as commercial products for several years now. Also they are being used in many fields and in may ways, not only for filming and taking pictures. We can see how much potential these little flying devices have, so there is no wonders scientists are coming up with new ideas how to use them. Here are some of the latest applications for drones.

By the year of 2017 drones will be widely used to deliver medicine to the people living in remote areas. The company called Zipline is already doing this to provide medical care for people in Africa. As there are bad rods or even no rods at all, this technology is very useful and efficient. These small devices weights around 10 kg and they can carry packages up to 1,5 kg. These drones can fly up to 120 km, which means they can fly out of sight of a pilot. This technology can also be improved, so drones might become best helps in first aid.

Drones also might be used for tracking dangerous bugs such as Malaya and Zika mosquitoes. Microsoft researches have come up with a special vision technology that can detect dangerous mosquitoes from the air. Actually this technology has been created few years ago. It is called Project Premonition, but now it has developed and connected with drones. Microsoft is planning not to only detect mosquitoes with this drone, but also make a trap for them.

These aircraft are also used to check another aircraft. Drones can check commercial jets. They can fly around the whole jet and inspect for any dents and damages in 15 minutes. For a person this task takes almost two hours, beside drone can take some pictures and construct a model of a jet, which can be later used in preventing problems.

Nowadays drones can even teach how to play tennis. Company Virgin Active has created a drone that can teach how to hit the ball. This drone can drop the balls from many different angles and heights, so tennis players can practice more efficiently. But ball dropping is not the only thing this drone can do. It also can film tennis players performance, so later he can look at himself playing and detect mistakes he is making.

Drones can also be very useful in detecting mines. Every year many people are getting killed or injured, because of land mines. It is very hard and expensive to detect and remove them manually, so drones can be very helpful to reduce the coasts of this process. There is special technology used that allows them to spot pathology in plants caused by chemicals. Then it is possible to know where exactly the mines are located and can be removed.

Drones are now very multi functional. Thanks to other new technologies that can be implemented in drones they now have become ultimate help in all kind of fields. These small flying aircraft have a potential also for new ways of usage.

Technologies that can help in your business

Many entrepreneurs are not willing to integrate newest technologies into their businesses. Mostly they consider these technologies as very expensive, complicated for usage and untrustworthy, but actually many of new technologies can help to do all kind of tasks lot faster and more efficient. Here is a list of helpful tools and advises how to use them in different situations.

Augmented reality glasses can be a very useful tool for business needs. Although many people think that augmented reality glasses are meant only for entertainment, because for now they mostly provide different games and other entertainment applications, but they have options that could be used in important work as well. For example, Microsoft HoloLens glasses provide many business applications for traditional businesses. They can help in any typical office work, because you can connect computer with reality, but most useful these glasses will be for businesses witch are related to architecture or design.

Wireless conference rooms will help to held meetings more easier and faster. Any company usually has at least one meeting room, where to discuss all kind of topics related to business and it is more convenient to use wireless technologies in it. It not only provides the opportunity to run all the devices without wires, but also gives a chance to connect offices and negotiate with clients, vendors, business partners etc. With this technology you will be able to stream videos and show presentation in many offices at the same time and communicate with important people from distance.

All kind of smart technologies can be integrated into business as well, especially smart cameras and smart security devices such as smart keys and smart alarm systems. They all have access to the internet and they can be controlled via smartphone. That means the owner of the business is able to see everything whats happening at the workplace. He is able to control the efficiency of the work and also check if everything is alright. He can protect his enterprise from robberies and all kind of disasters.

3D printing is also great technology for many types of businesses. Of course, this will not be useful for each and every entrepreneur, but for some businesses it can turn out to be the best help. As we know, it is possible to print out almost anything right now, so it will definitely be useful for some of the enterprises in manufacturing sector. For example, you could print out some details for manufactured products which could allow to save a lot of money. Also making prototypes for new products will be a lot easier.

There are also many other new technologies that could be successfully integrated in many different businesses. The main idea is that new technologies really can help in lot of cases. That will ask for some bigger investments, but at the end you will probably be a winner. If you have any ideas how new technologies could help to develop your business, better use them.

What features we can expect in future smart phones?

Smart phones are so advanced these days that they are more similar to pc than regular phones. There are so many features and options in smart phones that it is really hard to imagine what else could be add, but there are some versions. Here are list of features that every smart phone might have in the nearest future.

Let’s start with the design of future smart phones. Probably the look of them will change cardinally within next few years. The screen of them will be a lot bigger than now. They will be approximately as big as tablets nowadays. To make them comfortable for carrying around and overall use, they will be flexible and foldable. These phones will be almost as thin as paper and they will be made using Organic Light-Emitting Diode technology. That makes it possible to fold the phone without breaking it. This technology also will make the phones a lot resistant.

It is very credible that every smart phone will also have built-in projectors. This feature is already available in some smart-phones, but there are lots of issues that make it inefficient for usage. First of all it decreases the duration of batteries life. Also the projectors are not too qualitative and they can project really small images. Scientists and IT experts are working to avoid these problems and to make it possible to watch movies, videos, images and even play games using the built in projector.

But big, high quality screens and simple projectors are not enough. It will also be possible to make 3D holograms with smart phones. Nowadays some smart phones have 3D screens, so the next step will be the combination of these 3D screens and projectors. That means it will be possible to see real 3D holograms that comes out from the screen of the phone.

Beside all the developed visual features, there will also be augmented reality used in every phone. That means the reality that we see will be supplemented with all kind of digital inputs. That means you will be able to see all kind of information in your phones screen, through the camera. Just turn on the camera and then point at any place. If there is any information available of that place or object, you will be able to see and read it in your smart phone. It is the same technology used in Google glasses. So there are some devices already made with this feature, but there are still some problems with it. For example, there are problems with accurate recognition of the objects. When all the defects will be prevented, it will probably become an integral part of smart phones.

It might seem like a science fiction for now, because it is hard to imagine that average smart phone might have such awesome features within next few years, but, few years ago no, one didn’t believe in today technologies as well. Be prepared for these and also other great technologies in smart phones.