Technology and gadgets to look forward this year

Technology is developing faster than ever. Everything is changing and technology is being involved in most of the everyday life processes. Each year there are new technology gadgets released that surprises the whole world. Those can be either new versions of already existing gadgets or completely new technological creations. Here are some of the gadgets that will be launched this year.

Nintendo Switch

This year Nintendo will launch new gadget, Nintendo Switch – sms lån. It is a new gaming console that works on televisions and also as a portable system. It allows to play games regardless of the place where you are. Nintendo launched its previous device, Nintendo Wii U, four years ago, and they claim that all this time they were working on something great and unique. So, if we can believe in them, Nintendo Switch will be the gaming device of the decade.


Those who follow the technology news probably have already heard something about Kuri. It is really adorable little robot that can help at home. It is created by Mayfield Robotics. It is relatively new company and Kuri is its first commercial robot. It can respond to voice input. There have been similar robots created already by Google and other companies, but this one responds with interesting robot sounds and also can blink with its eyes ad wave its head. Kuri is a personal assistant. It can follow you, respond to you, warn you if there is something weird going on and even take some pictures. It really is technological wonder that many people will want to get.

Google Home

Google Home is a voice activated speaker which is powered by the Google Assistant. You can ask a question to it and it will answer. Just say “Ok Google” and continue with the question. For example, you can ask about the weather, transportation etc. Also, it is possible to set reminders. Of course, you can also just look for information in Google search engine. Basically, you can use Google without keyboards or touchscreens. Just say what you want to find and Google Home will do it.

Polaroid Pop

You might think Polaroid cameras and blancolån are out of date, but actually they have reborn and now new Polaroid camera will be available that have great specifications and cool features. Polaroid Pop can print right pictures on the spot just like traditional Polaroid, but it can save digital images as well. The Pop camera has 20 megapixels and a 3.97-inch LCD touchscreen display. It is like really cool digital camera, only you can print out your images as soon as you take them.

Motiv Fitness Ring

Actually, smart fitness rings are not something new and innovative, but Motiv Fitness Ring is the bet one that has been created yet. It has 3-axis accelerometer which can do sports tracking and also measure sleep duration, heart rate, privatlån, calories etc. You can set your activity and the ring will show you everything you need to know about your exercise. Also, the design of the ring is very cool and trendy. It almost looks more like a jewelry not a sports tracker.