Does self driving cars already exist?

The idea of self driving cars in nothing new. Everybody is talking about it for a very long time, but only recently this idea became reality. Car manufacturing company Tesla announced that all the new Model S and model X (that you can get with pikalaina) cars will have a hardware that allows to drive without any human input. The very first cars will not provide full safety while using self driving mode, so there will still be a need for an actual driver, but soon this technology will be developed enough to make cars fully autonomous. Let’s take a closer look at this technology.

The self driving system includes a lot of components. All the cars will be equipped with eight cameras. All cameras will have full circle, 360 degree vision up to 250 meters. Then also each car will have 12 ultrasonic sensors. They are the most important details of the whole system, because they detect for all kind of objects and not let the car crush into them. They are similar to the sensors that are being used in autopilot, but these ones are better and more advanced. They can detect all kind of objects in twice longer distance. Self driving cars will also have the same components that have cars with autopilot for example, forward-facing radar. So basically this technology works very similar to autopilot, only it is lot more advanced.

To make all of that work, there is a need for very powerful computer as well “pikavippi ilman luottotietoja”. Tesla has announced that they will use a computer that is almost 40 times more powerful than any previous generation computer. This computer will have very high technical features, but that makes them very expensive. All together the self driving system on one car will cost more than 7 500 euros. That means the first self driving cars will be very expensive.

But this is not the limit for Tesla. Although they are ready to release first self driving cars, they wont stop and will improve this technology, so the next self driving cars would be totally safe. They will test these cars in real life driving to understand what are their biggest issues and how to provide them. The first cars will include the basic safety features such as automatic emergency breaking, lane holding, collision warning etc., but the next cars will have some totally new features which will provide an opportunity to make fully self driving cars.

The technology is not perfect and completed yet. There are some safety issues and lot of things that should be improved, but it is a proof of possibility to make fully autonomous cars. These cars already are able do most of the driving, they may not work only in few non-standard situations. So basically the first generation of self driving cars already exist, but the best is yet to come.