Newest technologies that will change our lives

Technologies are developing very fast within last few years. In last five years we were introduced with such technologies and gadgets as touch screens, smart phones, multi-tech tablets, smart TV etc. Now we are all used to them and they all have become an integral part or our everyday lives. Let’s see what will be the next technologies and gadgets that will make our lives easier and more interesting.

The first one is leap motion. That is the newest technology of monitor controlling. If you think that touch screen is the greatest invention and nothing can beat it, you’re wrong. Leap motion allows user to control the desktop, without even touching it. User only needs to move hands and fingers control monitor, even if it is few meters away. The creators of this technology predicts that it will be specially favorite among gamers, but probably also other computer users will might be willing to try it. Maybe this technology will even replace touch screens.

As the next ones in this list we could mention all kinds of smart gadgets. As we now there already are smart phones, smart TV, smart watches etc. Well, now it will be able to connect almost every electronic device with smart phone and control it that way. That means we will have smart everything. For example, you will be able to turn the light off or on, while you’re not home.

Then of, course we must mention Google glasses. This is very popular new technology, everyone has already heard about. Although it is not completely new, it hasn’t gained popularity yet, because they are not fully designed for consumers yet, but they will be. With tease glasses user is able to use all the social networks and different applications. Also it allows using navigation and taking some photos. It is like having smart phone if front of you all the time, just better.

3D printers also will become integral part of human lives. Now 3D printers are already widely used for commercial causes, but they will become as usual and necessary as regular printers. With them users will be able to print out any kind of 3D figures. That will ease all kind of works, for example repair works, and will give chance to create uniquely designed sculptures and make other kinds of necessary objects.

As the last one in this list we includes gamer tablet. It is specially designed for gaming and it has all the controls attached so the gaming would be especially comfortable. Also this is not completely new discovery. The first on gamer tablet came out already in 2013, but now it is upgraded and all the gamers are willing to have one. In the world of gaming this is really huge deal.

These are only few technologies that we will use. This list could go on and on. Scientists and IT experts are working to new technologies every day, so let’s just wait and see what we will use next.

How new technologies can make your home safer?

New technologies are not all about phones, computers, tablets etc. There are also technologies that can make our home safer. They allow you to check what’s happening at your home, using application in your smart phone. So now you can feel safe about your house, no matter where you are and what you do.

First technology is smart lock. It can be controlled with application in smart phone or smart watch. Practically the phone works as a key. It automatically locks the door when you go out and unlock when you come home. Also it is able to see who is entering your home. Only those who have access to this system are able to enter the hose. If you are having some guests you can give the access to limited time as well. This is really good invention, because it reduces the possibility of outlier entering your home, however it may cause some problems if something happens to your phone. For example, if the battery is low, you might not be able to get into the home.

Then there is also smart camera. It also can be controlled with the application in smart phone. With this camera you are able to see what’s happening at your home at any time, but that’s not all the camera can do. There is sub sound technology used in it. It can tell either there is someone possessive at the home or there is a stranger. Also it is wide angle camera with night vision and alarm. If it warns you, or you see that something is wrong in your smart phone, you can call the police or call your neighbor, using the app. Also you can turn on the alarm any time, from any place.

Also smoke detectors are smart now. There is application also for this device, so you can be sure everything is fine when you are away from home. Beside the basic functions of simple smoke detector, it is also is equipped with camera, alarm and motion sensor. So it can fully protect your home from all kinds of disasters.

But if that’s not enough for you and you can be fully sure there is nothing that could go wrong at your home, you can get the whole smart home system. Many manufacturers offer this kind of systems, but one of the most advanced ones is Samsung Smart Home. It consists of 2 multi sensors, 1 outlet and motion sensor. It provides the opportunity to see and hear everything that’s happening home and control it from your smart phone. Every movement can be monitored and stored for one month.

New technologies can, not only make our lives easier and more interesting, but also a lot safer. All these gadgets are specially designed to reduce the possibility of thefts or accidents to the minimum. They are really good investment in your safety.