New ways to use drones

Drones themselves cannot be considered as very new technology anymore. They are being around as commercial products for several years now. Also they are being used in many fields and in may ways, not only for filming and taking pictures. We can see how much potential these little flying devices have, so there is no wonders scientists are coming up with new ideas how to use them. Here are some of the latest applications for drones.

By the year of 2017 drones will be widely used to deliver medicine to the people living in remote areas. The company called Zipline is already doing this to provide medical care for people in Africa. As there are bad rods or even no rods at all, this technology is very useful and efficient. These small devices weights around 10 kg and they can carry packages up to 1,5 kg. These drones can fly up to 120 km, which means they can fly out of sight of a pilot. This technology can also be improved, so drones might become best helps in first aid.

Drones also might be used for tracking dangerous bugs such as Malaya and Zika mosquitoes. Microsoft researches have come up with a special vision technology that can detect dangerous mosquitoes from the air. Actually this technology has been created few years ago. It is called Project Premonition, but now it has developed and connected with drones. Microsoft is planning not to only detect mosquitoes with this drone, but also make a trap for them.

These aircraft are also used to check another aircraft. Drones can check commercial jets. They can fly around the whole jet and inspect for any dents and damages in 15 minutes. For a person this task takes almost two hours, beside drone can take some pictures and construct a model of a jet, which can be later used in preventing problems.

Nowadays drones can even teach how to play tennis. Company Virgin Active has created a drone that can teach how to hit the ball. This drone can drop the balls from many different angles and heights, so tennis players can practice more efficiently. But ball dropping is not the only thing this drone can do. It also can film tennis players performance, so later he can look at himself playing and detect mistakes he is making.

Drones can also be very useful in detecting mines. Every year many people are getting killed or injured, because of land mines. It is very hard and expensive to detect and remove them manually, so drones can be very helpful to reduce the coasts of this process. There is special technology used that allows them to spot pathology in plants caused by chemicals. Then it is possible to know where exactly the mines are located and can be removed.

Drones are now very multi functional. Thanks to other new technologies that can be implemented in drones they now have become ultimate help in all kind of fields. These small flying aircraft have a potential also for new ways of usage.