New technologies in medicine

There are many new technologies used in today’s healthcare. They make medicine cheaper, faster, and more efficient. Thanks to many of technologies which have been recently integrated in medicine it is possible now to cure many life threatening diseases and provide better life for patients with chronic diseases. Here are some emerging technologies to watch in the year ahead.

3D bio printing of course is the best known technologies used in medicine. Probably anyone has already heard something about the option to print out any human organ. For now actual organ printing is sill sort of science fiction. There have been only liver tissues printed and a small kidney which functioned for few days, however printing out simple body parts is already possible. There have already been some bones and blood vessels printed out and used as transplants. 3D printing already is saving lives, but in the nearest future it will probably change the whole medicine system.

MelaFind optical scanner is probably less known medical technology, but it is as important. It helps to find out if patient has melanoma or other types of skin cancer. It gives a chance to analyze tissue morphology without biopsy. It works by scanning surface of a suspicious lesion at 10 electromagnetic wavelengths. Also it uses algorithms and match results with registry of digital images of melanoma and skin disease. It is very easy and fast way how to check the health of the skin. It has already saved many people by diagnosing dangerous skin diseases on early stages.

Telemedicine has reached new level by using medical robots. If few years ago telemedicene with video calls was used only in some emergencies, than now there are special robots made which are located into different rooms. So doctors can easily check their patinas from a distance and even perform some simple procedures such as measure blood pressure. This make health care lot more accessible and many professional doctors can discuss the best treating methods even if they are not at the hospital with the patient.

And the overall top innovation, augmented reality, also will be used in medicine. Software called Visual Info Zonal Reminder, which can be used in Google glasses is already being used in medicine. With this technology surgeons have both hands free to check for instructions or checklists in emergency situations. Also it is possible find some advises and information about treatment. Maybe in the future this technology will provide access to the patients medicine history, so the doctor could diagnose as soon as possible. Actually options how to use this technology are almost infinite. Augmented reality which is widely known for entertainment may save lives in the future.

Technological innovations in the healthcare industry are more important than in any other field. They can actually save lives by making healthcare accessible in any situation. Even right now it is possible to cure almost any disease with help of newest technology innovations, but in the nearest future treatment of deadly diseases might become a mainstream task.