Most incredible solar innovation projects

As usage of fossil fuel is main cause of greenhouse gas effect and global warming there are more and more alternative energy sources used. One of the most popular alternative energy source is solar energy. Solar energy is widely known for rooftop photovoltaic solar stations which consists of solar panels and other components, but nowadays this technology has gone a lot further. It’s not only about some few rooftop panels. Solar energy is being used in most incredible ways, thanks to solar innovations. Here are some of the most amazing solar innovation projects.

1. Cochin International Airport

Cochin International Airport is located in India. It is run fully by solar power. Next to the airport there is solar park located which generates this solar power. Actually, it not only supplies the airport with energy, but also gives back energy to the electrical grid so it can be uses somewhere else as well. This project took many years until it was done and finally it is paying off. As energy is very important for the airport, there was a need to make sure energy will be created constantly and also stored if it necessary, so it is not quite a simple solar energy farm it is a further technology that requires special treatment and maintenance.

2. Solar Bus

Solar bus is a vehicle that is fully powered with solar energy. For now, these buses are being used only in Australia, Adelaide. The bus can travel more than 200 km without charging and there is a place for 40 passengers in this bus. There are small, but powerful new age photovoltaic solar cells used. It is similar technology that is being used in smaller gadgets such as solar phone chargers. Despite the sizes of photovoltaic solar cells, they can provide necessary amount of energy. Also, the energy can be stored into a battery when its necessary, so solar bus can travel regardless of weather.

3. Solar Bike Trail

Solar bike trail is located in Netherlands. Actually, it is not recent project. It was started already in 2012 and in 2014 there was a first solar trail installed. It was a great success. Now also many other countries want to adapt this technology and create something similar. France, for example, wants to go even further and create solar powered roads all over the country. So, these solar roads or trails are basically solar parks, only it is possible to move onto them. The solar panels used in these projects are extremely durable and can create huge amounts of energy. It is a proof that solar parks do not necessarily be waste of land.

4. Longyangxia Dam Solar Park

Longyangxia Dam Solar Park is located in China, Qinghai province. It is the biggest solar park in the whole world. It is 27 square kilometers big and it outputs almost 850 MW of power. With this amount of energy around 200 000 homes are powered. Although this solar park consists of the same photovoltaic solar stations that are being used for the home rooftops, this project proves that it is possible to create a solar station that powers not only one house or a house complex, but a whole village or small town. If there would be such parks all over the world we could decrease our dependency of fossil fuels within few years and also the pollution and global warming wouldn’t threaten us so much.

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