Future technologies for cars

Technologies are developing very fast these days, so it is no wonder that future might be very different. When it comes to cars, there is plenty of space for new ideas and technological innovations. In many auto shows we are already able to see prototypes of cars with incredible technologies that might become mainstream thing in the future sms lån på dagen. Here are some examples of features that every car might have in the nearest future.

Fully autonomous vehicles

This is the thing every car fan is talking about and all the world is waiting for. Actually there have already been created autonomous vehicles by Tesla, Google and Mercedes-Benz, but they are not fully autonomous in some cases yet. These cars will be soon available for commercial causes. Scientists’ claims that only after 5 years cars will be able to drive anywhere and any time, without human involvement.

Driver override system

This also is something similar to autonomous technology, but the difference is that the car can disregard driver’s commands and make its own decisions. It is like the more advanced version of autopilot – there is sensor technology used so the car ca save the driver is dangerous situations. For example, car can break or keep constant speed all the time even if the driver is willing to speed up. This technology could help to avoid many car accidents.

Vehicle tracking

This is one of the newest technologies drivers are not too excited about, because it puts on many distractions. Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking means that insurance companies and other institutions will be able to track any car and record all its actions. Some institutions are already talking cars about fees and other things, but in the future every car might be tracked. At first it might be volunteer choice, but by the time of 2020 it might be an obligation.

Remote vehicle shutdown

Remote Vehicle Shutdown gives a chance to shut down stolen cars. This technology already exists and is being used for some of the cars, but it will become more advanced and more popular soon. In the future it might be useless to steal cars at all, because this system would make it impossible to use stolen cars, beside it would also be possible to track the cars as well.

Reconfigurable body type

Very soon it might be possible to have 2 in 1 cars thanks to reconfigurable body type. For example, a car with lightweight body panels and advanced motors could retract the roof and side glass into the lower body panels. Car buyers could have a lot easier choice if they could have one car with two different looks and body types. For now this technology is still in development phase and there are only some prototypes created but by the next few decades it might become mainstream option.

Cars in the nearest future really might become lot more advanced. Some of the technologies now might seem like a science fiction, but with the rapid growth of technology innovations, there is no wonder we all will experience this within next few decades.

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All about augmented reality

One of the most popular new technology tools that we are all waiting for to be released is augmented reality glasses. There credit rapid have been many promises heard from the manufacturers that these gadgets will be very multi functional and useful in many fields. To understand better what opportunities they will provide let’s take a closer look at this new technology.

Augmented reality gives a chance to add superimpose information to the real world. Basically it means that the reality is augmented with computer-generated sensory input such as sounds, images, videos etc. For example, you can see some objects through the screen of mobile device in your room that are not actually there.

Augmented reality for know is considered as something very new, innovative and even futuristic, but actually the technology itself is not new at all. For example, heads-up displays have been around for a long time. Of course, all the previous augmented reality gadgets and tools were much simpler, so people doesn’t really link them with augmented reality, beside this technology credit fara adeverinta has been gaining popularity only since 2013, when Google announced they will create augmented reality glasses which will provide huge range of innovative functions.

Augmented reality glasses displays on the lens screen through small projector so it is able to augment reality with other visual information. Also this device responds to voice messages, so they can be controlled bay talking. So it is like having a computer inside of your head. You can see and use virtual information and reality at the same time. Google already released first type of augmented reality glasses in 2015, but they will create new, better version.

But phones and tablets can be used as augmented reality tools as well. Already there have been created many apps that allows to add some kind of virtual visual information to reality, through the camera of the device. It works by turning on the app and pointing the camera at specific place where is some information provided. One of the well known examples is the Pokemon Go game. You can see reality through the camera, but there are images of Pokemons added.

This technology is developed and widely used already in many different fields, but later it might become even more useful. Augmented reality might be used in medicine, architecture, tourism and many other industries. Adding virtual information to the reality can be used in many different ways and within the development of augmented reality gadgets it might become a mainstream thing.

However, there are also some ethical issues which makes mainstream usage almost impossible. For example, some people concerns that augmented reality glasses is violation of the privacy rights. As it is possible to take pictures and record voices with these glasses, it might cause some problems. Also there are face recognition apps available, so this technology really might break some of the rules.

Augmented reality is nothing futuristic and far anymore. This technology is widely used already and it is gaining popularity very fast. Despite the concerns about ethics, augmented reality really is useful technology that might be used in real sciences in the future and will make people lives easier and more enjoyable.

What features we can expect in future smart phones?

Smart phones are so advanced these days that they are more similar to pc than regular phones. There are so many features and options in smart phones that it is really hard to imagine what else could be add, but there are some versions. Here are list of features that every smart phone might have in the nearest future.

Let’s start with the design of future smart phones. Probably the look of them will change cardinally within next few years. The screen of them will be a lot bigger than now. They will be approximately as big as tablets nowadays. To make them comfortable for carrying around and overall use, they will be flexible and foldable. These phones will be almost as thin as paper and they will be made using Organic Light-Emitting Diode technology. That makes it possible to fold the phone without breaking it. This technology also will make the phones a lot resistant.

It is very credible that every smart phone will also have built-in projectors. This feature is already available in some smart-phones, but there are lots of issues that make it inefficient for usage. First of all it decreases the duration of batteries life. Also the projectors are not too qualitative and they can project really small images. Scientists and IT experts are working to avoid these problems and to make it possible to watch movies, videos, images and even play games using the built in projector.

But big, high quality screens and simple projectors are not enough. It will also be possible to make 3D holograms with smart phones. Nowadays some smart phones have 3D screens, so the next step will be the combination of these 3D screens and projectors. That means it will be possible to see real 3D holograms that comes out from the screen of the phone.

Beside all the developed visual features, there will also be augmented reality used in every phone. That means the reality that we see will be supplemented with all kind of digital inputs. That means you will be able to see all kind of information in your phones screen, through the camera. Just turn on the camera and then point at any place. If there is any information available of that place or object, you will be able to see and read it in your smart phone. It is the same technology used in Google glasses. So there are some devices already made with this feature, but there are still some problems with it. For example, there are problems with accurate recognition of the objects. When all the defects will be prevented, it will probably become an integral part of smart phones.

It might seem like a science fiction for now, because it is hard to imagine that average smart phone might have such awesome features within next few years, but, few years ago no, one didn’t believe in today technologies as well. Be prepared for these and also other great technologies in smart phones.

Newest technologies that will change our lives

Technologies are developing very fast within last few years. In last five years we were introduced with such technologies and gadgets as touch screens, smart phones, multi-tech tablets, smart TV etc. Now we are all used to them and they all have become an integral part or our everyday lives. Let’s see what will be the next technologies and gadgets that will make our lives easier and more interesting.

The first one is leap motion. That is the newest technology of monitor controlling. If you think that touch screen is the greatest invention and nothing can beat it, you’re wrong. Leap motion allows user to control the desktop, without even touching it. User only needs to move hands and fingers control monitor, even if it is few meters away. The creators of this technology predicts that it will be specially favorite among gamers, but probably also other computer users will might be willing to try it. Maybe this technology will even replace touch screens.

As the next ones in this list we could mention all kinds of smart gadgets. As we now there already are smart phones, smart TV, smart watches etc. Well, now it will be able to connect almost every electronic device with smart phone and control it that way. That means we will have smart everything. For example, you will be able to turn the light off or on, while you’re not home.

Then of, course we must mention Google glasses. This is very popular new technology, everyone has already heard about. Although it is not completely new, it hasn’t gained popularity yet, because they are not fully designed for consumers yet, but they will be. With tease glasses user is able to use all the social networks and different applications. Also it allows using navigation and taking some photos. It is like having smart phone if front of you all the time, just better.

3D printers also will become integral part of human lives. Now 3D printers are already widely used for commercial causes, but they will become as usual and necessary as regular printers. With them users will be able to print out any kind of 3D figures. That will ease all kind of works, for example repair works, and will give chance to create uniquely designed sculptures and make other kinds of necessary objects.

As the last one in this list we includes gamer tablet. It is specially designed for gaming and it has all the controls attached so the gaming would be especially comfortable. Also this is not completely new discovery. The first on gamer tablet came out already in 2013, but now it is upgraded and all the gamers are willing to have one. In the world of gaming this is really huge deal.

These are only few technologies that we will use. This list could go on and on. Scientists and IT experts are working to new technologies every day, so let’s just wait and see what we will use next.