What features we can expect in future smart phones?

Smart phones are so advanced these days that they are more similar to pc than regular phones. There are so many features and options in smart phones that it is really hard to imagine what else could be add, but there are some versions. Here are list of features that every smart phone might have in the nearest future.

Let’s start with the design of future smart phones. Probably the look of them will change cardinally within next few years. The screen of them will be a lot bigger than now. They will be approximately as big as tablets nowadays. To make them comfortable for carrying around and overall use, they will be flexible and foldable. These phones will be almost as thin as paper and they will be made using Organic Light-Emitting Diode technology. That makes it possible to fold the phone without breaking it. This technology also will make the phones a lot resistant.

It is very credible that every smart phone will also have built-in projectors. This feature is already available in some smart-phones, but there are lots of issues that make it inefficient for usage. First of all it decreases the duration of batteries life. Also the projectors are not too qualitative and they can project really small images. Scientists and IT experts are working to avoid these problems and to make it possible to watch movies, videos, images and even play games using the built in projector.

But big, high quality screens and simple projectors are not enough. It will also be possible to make 3D holograms with smart phones. Nowadays some smart phones have 3D screens, so the next step will be the combination of these 3D screens and projectors. That means it will be possible to see real 3D holograms that comes out from the screen of the phone.

Beside all the developed visual features, there will also be augmented reality used in every phone. That means the reality that we see will be supplemented with all kind of digital inputs. That means you will be able to see all kind of information in your phones screen, through the camera. Just turn on the camera and then point at any place. If there is any information available of that place or object, you will be able to see and read it in your smart phone. It is the same technology used in Google glasses. So there are some devices already made with this feature, but there are still some problems with it. For example, there are problems with accurate recognition of the objects. When all the defects will be prevented, it will probably become an integral part of smart phones.

It might seem like a science fiction for now, because it is hard to imagine that average smart phone might have such awesome features within next few years, but, few years ago no, one didn’t believe in today technologies as well. Be prepared for these and also other great technologies in smart phones.