All about augmented reality

One of the most popular new technology tools that we are all waiting for to be released is augmented reality glasses. There credit rapid have been many promises heard from the manufacturers that these gadgets will be very multi functional and useful in many fields. To understand better what opportunities they will provide let’s take a closer look at this new technology.

Augmented reality gives a chance to add superimpose information to the real world. Basically it means that the reality is augmented with computer-generated sensory input such as sounds, images, videos etc. For example, you can see some objects through the screen of mobile device in your room that are not actually there.

Augmented reality for know is considered as something very new, innovative and even futuristic, but actually the technology itself is not new at all. For example, heads-up displays have been around for a long time. Of course, all the previous augmented reality gadgets and tools were much simpler, so people doesn’t really link them with augmented reality, beside this technology credit fara adeverinta has been gaining popularity only since 2013, when Google announced they will create augmented reality glasses which will provide huge range of innovative functions.

Augmented reality glasses displays on the lens screen through small projector so it is able to augment reality with other visual information. Also this device responds to voice messages, so they can be controlled bay talking. So it is like having a computer inside of your head. You can see and use virtual information and reality at the same time. Google already released first type of augmented reality glasses in 2015, but they will create new, better version.

But phones and tablets can be used as augmented reality tools as well. Already there have been created many apps that allows to add some kind of virtual visual information to reality, through the camera of the device. It works by turning on the app and pointing the camera at specific place where is some information provided. One of the well known examples is the Pokemon Go game. You can see reality through the camera, but there are images of Pokemons added.

This technology is developed and widely used already in many different fields, but later it might become even more useful. Augmented reality might be used in medicine, architecture, tourism and many other industries. Adding virtual information to the reality can be used in many different ways and within the development of augmented reality gadgets it might become a mainstream thing.

However, there are also some ethical issues which makes mainstream usage almost impossible. For example, some people concerns that augmented reality glasses is violation of the privacy rights. As it is possible to take pictures and record voices with these glasses, it might cause some problems. Also there are face recognition apps available, so this technology really might break some of the rules.

Augmented reality is nothing futuristic and far anymore. This technology is widely used already and it is gaining popularity very fast. Despite the concerns about ethics, augmented reality really is useful technology that might be used in real sciences in the future and will make people lives easier and more enjoyable.